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Published Papers and e-books, Download

Papers in Journals and Proceedings

(in German language)

  • Erstellung vollständiger Systemspezifikationen im Embedded Computing - In: Softwaretechnik-Trends, February 2006 (vol. 26, iss. 1).
  • So natürlich wie Sprechen: Embedded Systeme modellieren - In: Design & Elektronik 08/2006. Together with S. Krause, Hella KGaA.
  • Systeme wiederverwendbar in natürlicher Sprache spezifizieren - Contribution to the 36th Annual Conference of the Gesellschaft f. Informatik, Dresden 2006. In: Chr. Hochberger, R. Loskowsky (Ed.): INFORMATIK 2006. Informatik für Menschen. Vol. 1, p. 756ff.
  • Anforderungsanalyse und Wissensrepräsentation - Contribution to REConf2007, Munich 2007. Together with S. Krause, Hella KGaA. 
  • Einsatz einer Basisontologie für das Reverse Software Engineering im Rahmen des Anforderungsmanagements für Produktlinien - Contribution to  9. Workshop Software Reengineering of the GI expert group Software-Reengineering, Bad Honnef 2007. In: Softwaretechnik-Trends, February 2008 (vol. 27, iss. 2)
  • Methoden formalisierter Kundenanforderungsanalyse - Contribution to the 38th Annual Conference of the Gesellschaft f. Informatik, Munich 2008. In: Proceedings 133, Bd. 1. In: H.-G. Hegering, A. Lehmann, H. J. Ohlbach, Chr. Scheideler (Hg.): INFORMATIK 2008. Beherrschbare Systeme - dank Informatik. Vol. 2, p. 649ff.
  • Anforderungsmanagement und Mitarbeitermotivation - Contribution to the meeting of the GI expert group Requirements Engineering, Essen 2009. In: Softwaretechnik-Trends, February 2010 (vol. 30, iss. 1)


  • Cause and Effect on the Job: A Practical Introduction for Employees, Managers and Consultants - 2023, Kindle e-book, available from amazon. Also available in German language.
  • Problem Solving in Project Organizations: Application of Causal Chain Analysis - e-book, in preparation.

Papers to Download

  • 10 Rules for Well-Performing Teamwork - Read what group leaders need to consider. Keywords: working group, team, group work, group thinking, groupthink, group dynamics (PDF)
  • Success Seekers and Failure Avoiders - Read how the expectation of success and failure determines action. Keywords: attribution, self-assessment, success and failure, control conviction, coaching (PDF)
  • Improvement Opportunities in the Organization - Read where the shoe pinches in most organizations. Keywords: organization, operational organization, organizational development, leadership, teams (PDF)
  • 10 Mistakes in dealing with Errors - Read how to limit the damage caused by mistakes. Keywords: mistakes, prevention, criticism, failure (PDF)